Integrative Naturopathic Medicine


Why Herbal Medicine?

being used for centuries have generations of empirical data to support its efficacy Safe! addresses the root cause vs. just suppress the symptoms multi-dimensional – many healing actions in one herb Probably if I have to answer this in one line, I will say: How often you have woken up to any news suddenly finding out that say “clinical evidence……

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6 Naturopathic principles

6 Naturopathic principles, that I also call our core values, that inspired me to take up Naturopathic medicine. These are the values I live, breathe and stand by every day in my practice and with every new client, I remind myself of these fundamental principles – so that I continue to live by them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we test……

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The only person that truly matters to be on your side is – YOU

As a health practitioner, I see so much pain behind just the physical symptoms; Many of my clients that come seeking alternative medicine are cases where there are too many things happening to them physiologically at one point and for a sustained period. And they get too little answers or no definitive long-term solutions from the mainstream medical system, even……

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Holistic Healing – Naturopathic approach

Taking accountability for your own health and the making right choices, listening to your body and thinking holistic is the step 0 towards better health versus just following the herd …anything that disregards the whole person and treats just symptoms cannot be the right approach And if you are falling for it then, all your doing is putting a bandaid……

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fuzzy head, lacking concentration and focus? 

fuzzy head, lacking concentration and focus? Call the humble herb rosemary to rescue 🙂 Mostly loved for its distinct flavor to culinary dishes – did you know, rosemary can work wonders to improve memory & concentration too. So to beat the fuzziness, Just add few drops of essential oil in aroma diffuser, or a little sniff of essential oil can bring……

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women and hormonal imbalance

If you can relate to this, know that there more to this than just situational. Being a women our moods, energy and general engagement all are in many ways linked to our hormonal balance and any subtle changes can manifest in dramatic ways impacting your day to day life … any issues with hormonal dysfunction, imbalance and clearance can cause……

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This little nature’s wonder?

  This little nature’s wonder? – did you know?w has has more potassium than a banana ? also With Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, great source of vitamin e, fiber and can Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels! So next time you are at the shopping aisle and wondering if the additional cost is worth it – trust me it’s is totally worth……

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It’s not just in your head!

Women and hormones Do you sometimes wake up and wonder where your energy disappeared, why suddenly the afternoon seems to come down like a ton of bricks killing the last little desire to pull through the day And when you get home, the dishes, kitchen, and laundry are always waiting for your return. And you somehow pull through the challenges……

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