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An offering to all that is…

An offering to all that is…

Thanks for joining me!

Hi, I am a student practitioner currently in my final year of studies of Naturopathy.
Investing in health and wellbeing is one of the best investments one can make, and investment I am talking about is not just financial energy but also mental, physical, and emotional energy. We all have this Vital force within us, it’s the innate underlying Wisdom that is constantly at work to establish balance and good health.

Vitalism in my perspective is not a principle or a philosophy but a fundamental truth of nature and the very fabric the living begins, and life has been woven into and its core objective and desire is to operate with a level of intelligence that cannot be merely assigned in to words but a phenomenon to obverse and work with.

As life force, we are all born to explore, live and express the best version of who we truly are deep down are. And to tap into that space we need to create True health and wellbeing and what happens when one learns to express and conduct every aspect of their lives well and that is in the true sense what “healthy” and “health” is and not just a state where one is free from disease.
However, the disease is body’s way of expressing something that we are fundamentally doing wrong (consciously or unconsciously) and it is body’s way of seeking attention and an urgent call for help!

As a Naturopathy, I can help one identify, manage and resolve these roadblocks and create better health and facilitate a more conducive environment within.
And when this space is cleared and empowered it can do wonders and allow our vital force to express freely.

With this page, I hope to share content that is in an alignment of the above and invite you to participate in this journey towards discovering the better versions of ourselves!


true health fundementally means to be in tune with nature, both inner and outer – Sadhguru


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