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fuzzy head, lacking concentration and focus? 

fuzzy head, lacking concentration and focus? 

fuzzy head, lacking concentration and focus?
Call the humble herb rosemary to rescue 

Mostly loved for its distinct flavor to culinary dishes – did you know, rosemary can work wonders to improve memory & concentration too.
So to beat the fuzziness, Just add few drops of essential oil in aroma diffuser, or a little sniff of essential oil can bring immediate focus and lift you and refresh you. 
Also having a living plant or some cuttings in vase in your study space will help too.

Apart from this, it is also a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin b6!
In herbal medicine it’s valued immensely for many things, but particularly for its role in relaxing smooth muscle spasm and enhancing blood flow. It has a great tonifying effect on the circulation and on the nervous system, making it effective in cases of chronic circulatory weakness including hypotension…in my practice, I have used it for cases where they needed support to improve memory and boost their immune function.
All in all a must have for every house and garden 
Plus the bees seems to ? love it too ?

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