Integrative Naturopathic Medicine

Why Herbal Medicine?

Why Herbal Medicine?

  • being used for centuries
  • have generations of empirical data to support its efficacy
  • Safe!
  • addresses the root cause vs. just suppress the symptoms
  • multi-dimensional – many healing actions in one herb

Probably if I have to answer this in one line, I will say:

How often you have woken up to any news suddenly finding out that say “clinical evidence and side effects reported to the health department that certain herb isn’t unsafe to use”ˆ – but have u wondered how many we hear those regarding pharmaceutical drugs?- what astonishes me when you looking for the drug information – they very proudly publish the whole list of side effects with rest of the information!

and what’s even scarier, is we have learned to accept that as ok and stop pushing back to our Medical health practitioners or the industry to work harder to give complete healing and safer options!

to tone myself down (lol), here’s something on a happy note: Every time, I add a new herb to my ever-growing herbal dispensary, I do a happy dance ??- I feel incredibly honoured to be able to work with these timeless powerful nature agents. To be able to prescribe these and see how beautifully they influence the presenting condition without causing any harm is an absolute pleasure and privilege.

Why I pick herbal medicine over other pharmaceutical drugs are – they have withstood the time and have proven their efficacy for generations – otherwise, tell me why would they be in the market, in spite of very low or no advertising, if they were not effective that too for centuries!!!

It’s not like a mainstream drug that you wake up one day and find out, after few years being in the market has created more complications and side effects than helping and the ever-increasing studies that follow latter how one drug caused more serious conditions.

Being and common citizen and having seen the effect myself of what these drugs have done to my loved ones – my search began to look for alternatives or in other words more authentic, time tested and genuine healing power and where else to begin but go back to Nature itself!

*PS- I am not anti or pro one thing, I AM pro HEALING, that fixing the root causes! and as a citizen, I do demand for a safer, more long term studies and evidence before they prescribe these strong chemical agents and pushing back to bring more sustainable long term healing in patients, than to just handing out a band-aid!

I do understand in cases of emergencies and unavoidable/irreversible situations these become our only options and the respect for managing emergency care and support that mainstream has bought to us 🙂


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