Integrative Naturopathic Medicine


What to expect

Take a detailed case history

First, take your detailed case history, which will help us get to the heart of where you are with your health and what is contributing to your concerns.
It may also involve some physical examinations ( Blood pressure, Nails and tongue analysis, Iridology, measuring and weighing(if required))

Design a treatment plan to suit your needs

Coming up with a treatment plan to help create corrective actions that will potentially help you to facilitate good health.
The treatment approach acknowledges that we are all unique and so is how the conditions are manifesting in us and how we need to best address these, therefore it’s completely tailored for an individual’s specific presentation.

Your first step to achieve your good health is completed

Get started. This could mean that you could just be a few steps away from achieving your health goals, improved energy, mood, and improved sense of vitality and overall good health!

Choosing the right place to see me?

Face to Face - In my clinic

The best place to see me is my clinic where I have all the facilities to examine you and a comfortable office at Toongabbie.

Phone Consultation

Spare some time and make that call if you are far away, interstate or even in a different country.

Home sweet home

I can come to you. Some additional call-out fees may apply depending on location/ distance. Please note, that I do not travel away any farther than 30 km from Sydney. We can also mutually agree to meet at a suitable location (cafes etc)

Zoom, Skype or Video Call

I use ZOOM, Skype and other media to connect with you and have a face to face consultation using the latest technology.

New Patient Naturopathy Appointment
$217 (incl. GST)

  • Take detailed case history
  • Diet and Lifestyle Review
  • Physical Assessment
  • Zinc Tally Test
  • Iridology (iris study) Assessment
  • Current Diet Plan Review
  • Design treatment plan
  • Diet and Nutritional Advise
  • Flower Essence Advise for Emotional well-being

Return Naturopathy Appointment
$105 (incl. GST)

  • Tracking Progress on treatment recommendations
  • Quick body systems review
  • Physical Assessment
  • Zinc Tally Test
  • Differences and changes in original presenting concerns
  • Modified treatment plan
  • Diet and Nutritional Advise

FREE Discovery Call
FREE short 1:1 chat (audio call) with me. I will have a brief discussion about your health and goals to establish if and how I can best help you and also answer any questions you might have.
(Please note no specific health advice, treatments, or prescriptions will be given on this call.)
At the booked time of your 'Free Discovery Call,' I will call you using the phone number provided when booking.

Book an appointment

If you can not see a suitable time in my calendar for your appointment, please contact me to discuss other options or to be placed on my Wait List.

Terms of use: Please Note: 24 hours notice is required to cancel an Appointment otherwise your full appointment fee is payable. I look forward to seeing you.

*There will be additional charges for extra time spent beyond the consultation duration. 15$ for every additional 10 min.

Depending on the outcome of the consultation, you may be recommended Herbal medicine, practitioner-only supplements, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support your healing and faster recovery. The cost of these is not included in the consultation price.


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